Welcome to ESM Brand Builder, an integrated media planning and research tool.

ESM Brand Builder was created to help marketers discover and build prospecting audiences that can be scaled and distributed across any platform. 

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Community Cohorts, we have segmented  67 distinct personas that detail the diversity of the American population. Grouping the segments can simplify these differences by summarizing markets that share similar traits or identifying the ideal persona for targeting. There are 14 LifeMode groups and 6 Urbanization groups.  Using this data we then identify the dominant personas within hyper-targeted neighborhood based on census populations.


Audience Assembly, is the tool that refines audiences by layering base personas with additional data and content targeting.  After determining the the optimal persona(s), our team enriches the data with interest, purchase, mobililty, demographic, and firmware data.  We then apply content targeting to ensure the environment and mindset of the user allows for the best ad placement.


Performance Planner, let’s us quickly model & simulate the potential traffic for any marketing funnel or business objective.  We have a number of prebuilt blueprints to choose from based on different journey paths which let’s us refine campaigns based on previous experience.  This tool is essential in understanding how our plans are performing against predetermined goals and benchmarks.


Distribution, reaching the same audience across different products is critical to achieving balanced reach and frequency goals.  For prospecting audiences this is complicated if the users information is unknown to the brand. Our distribution tool ensures the same prospect pools are shared across digital, social, and streaming products.  We then combine with location data for traditional platforms which creates a surround sound effect to the end user.


My Customer Match, allows brands to reach known customers through online list matching.  We connect audiences to digital profiles through deterministic mapping against personallly indentifialble information (PII).  All data is safely encrypted and hashed before reaching the end platform where the ads run.  This is a great tactic for engaging with existing customers and delivering relevant ads.


Resource Library, is a one stop shop for reporting templates, presentation tools, and other collateral helpful in planning.  Each report listed is available for purchase and can be customized to the specific needs of any customer.  We also have available a variety of research and planning tools used to develop standard and custom audience personas.  Our planning team can design audiences based on any requirement.


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